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A Kingdom in Turmoil

The Kingdom of Erenland was once a bastion for the mortal races in the western hemisphere of Erest. The great Paladin Knights kept order throughout the land,
their one god giving them their strength.
The King and his Inquisitorial Knights turned on the Order, as well as their leader,
Garreth DeEttenmarch. The once powerful Paladins are being hunted down and
captured. The old strongholds destroyed.
But it is all so much bigger than the fight between the Inquisitors and Paladins. The fate of the entire planet hangs in the balance like a rose grown on the side of a cliff. One fowl wind could send it all plummeting down to the nether.

Join the Adventure!

Unlike other websites on Obsidian Portal, the entire game takes place here. Read the wiki and create a character, then join the game by posting on the events in the adventuring log. Join the Paladin Struggle at any time during the adventure. Any and all characters will be accepted, so long as they fit with the theme and rules of the story.

Simple and Fun.

The role play runs on modified Microlite20 rules, balancing fun with simplicity. Features you love from games like Pathfinder and DnD mixed with a clever and thrilling story.

Home Page

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